Moraa Educational Complex(MEC) began its activity in 1394 solar year in Kabul, and acts as the most prestigious and reputed educational complex in the era


Moraa Educational Complex serves as the Biggest and the Most Unique Institution within different educational framework for girls and women in Afghanistan.


Moraa Educational Complex serves for women and girls in academic and educational grounds for educating them in elementary, secondary and high levels.


1 - First Female Educational Complex for Women in Afghanistan

As the First, the Largest and the Most Unique Female Educational Complex in Afghanistan it delivers education services for Women by Women .

2 - MORAA education complex is able to handle all the needs of women education

The complex has standard facilities in the kindergartens, schools , dormitories , Institute of Health Sciences and University Services provides a systematic and standardized


3 - Moraa in terms of Environment and Security is the best

The Safest and Greenest areas of education in Kabul with a pleasing parks, gardens and quiet space built on more than 20 acres of land .

4 - For students Hostel is equipped

Inside the complex with a capacity of 960 students Hostel has been built which works in a quiet environment suitable for their lessons into advance .

5 - Moraa Educational Complex provides best transport services for the students

Best transport facilities have been provided for all Students in Moraa Educational Complex.

President’s Message

Moraa Educational Complex (MEC) strives to provide young Afghan girls and women with world-class College and higher education. The goal is to prepare Afghan Girls students for private and public sector careers in  Afghanistan and to continue their studies – if they choose – at Institute and University. The Institute’s goal is to achieve international Read More

Can Moraa fulfill the educational requirements of Afghan girls and women ?