13321976_1104075436320709_3929460758096369920_nAfghan Women Institute of Higher Education operates for women’s development and paving grounds for them in bachelor and soon in master levels.


  • Curative Medicine           (7 Years)
  • Business Administration (4 Years)
  • Computer Science            (4 Years)
  • Education                          (4 Years)
  • Education includes Mathematics,Sociology, and history and is in the service of the people.
  • Afghan Women Institute has well-qualified national and international instructors and has Modern and up to dated curriculum which meet the needs of today’s world.


  • Equipped health clinic for student’s care.
  • Equipped library, by having 22 thousands of books in the beginning.
  • Green and healthy environment in 22 acres space, with having necessary security measures.
  • Amusement parks.
  • Excellent supermarket with equipped cafeteria which is managed by women 24×7.
  • Internet services 24×7.
  • Equipped gymnasium with advanced instruments.
  • The most mobilized transportation