Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education

Moraa Educational Complex prioritized to establish the Education Department; as one of the necessary part of the market and country situation. Education department is consist of three sub- sections (Anthropology and Archaeology, Philosophy and Sociology, History and English Language) based on credit system that will be complete in four year.

Anthropology and Archaeology

Basic Code Credit
Essential of Philosophy ( Optional) SsAn11 2
Essential of Sociology ( Optional) SsAn12 2
Essential of History  (Compulsive) SsAn13 2
Essential of Ethnography (Compulsive) SsAn14 4
Essential of  Anthropology (Compulsive) SsAn24 4
Essential of Archaeology (Compulsive)4 SsAn24 4
Total Semester Credits                                                                                                            18
General Code Credit
Foreign language SsAn15 8
Islamic Culture SsAn18 8
Dari Historical Texts SsAn22 2
History of Afghanistan SsAn32 4
Pashto historical text SsAn37 2
Afghanistan Ethnography (Compulsive) SsAn44 3
Research Methology (Compulsive) SsAn45 2
Total Semester Credits                                                                                                            29
Core Code Credit
East culture history (optional) SsAn16 3
Afghanistan historical Geography (Compulsive) SsAn13 3
Essential of Ethnography (Compulsive) SsAn14 4
Afghanistan ancient history (Optional) SsAn25 2
Arab Civilization History (Optional) SsAn26 3
Contemporary History of Afghanistan SsAn27 2
Afghanistan Anthropology

(Stone era)

SsAn33 4
Afghanistan General Geography SsAn34 2
history of Islamic Culture SsAn36 2
Afghanistan History (Compulsive) 8
Folklore (Compulsive) SsAn53 3
 Islamic Ancient Monument (Compulsive) SsAn54 3
Social Changes (Optional) SsAn55 2
Research Methodology in social science (Compulsive) SsAn63 4
Essentials of Linguistics (Compulsive) SsAn65 3
Ecology (Optional) SsAn66 2
Ethnography of Neighbors country (Optional) SsAn67 2
Ethnography of Asian and African Country (Compulsive) SsAn72 4
History of religions (Optional) SsAn76 2
Social Statistics )Option) 3
Total Semester Credits                                                                                                            61
Specialization  Code Credit
Ethnography of Afghanistan (compulsive) SsAn35 10
Anthropology of Afghanistan( Metals era) SsAn43 3
Cartography (Compulsive) SsAn46 3
Anthropology of Architectural systems  in Afghanistan (Compulsive) SsAn56 4
Ancient Areas surveys and  Principles of excavation (Compulsive) SsAn64 2
Numismatics and Inscriptions (Compulsive) SsAn73 3
Art graphic (Compulsive) SsAn74 3
Resource of anthropology (Compulsive) SsAn75 3
Anthropology of Middle East and Africa (Compulsive) SsAn82 3
Demo Graphic (Compulsive) SsAn83 2
Anthropology of Neighbor Countries  (Compulsive) SsAn86 3
Museum of Anthropology SsAn84 4
Total Semester Credits                                                                                                            48
No. Course Name Code Credits
1 Undergraduate Thesis SsAn87 6
NO Category Credits
1 Core 61
2 Specialization 48
3 General 29
4 Basic 18
5 Thesis 5
Total                                                                                                                                          161


General Code Credit
English SsH15 8
Islamic culture (Optional) SsH18 16
Dari Historical Texts (Compulsive) SsH22 2
Pedagogy (Compulsive) SsH27 2
Total Semester Credits                                                                                                            28
Core Code Credit
Geography of Afghanistan History (Compulsive) SsH17 2
Political and economic geography (Compulsive) SsH64 3
Total Semester Credits                                                                                                              5
Specialization Code Credit
History of East civilization (Compulsive) SsH26 3
Afghanistan History (Compulsive) SsH32 15
Pashto history texts (Compulsive) SsH36 2
History of Asian countries (Compulsive) SsH43 11
History of Europe (Compulsive) SsH44 13
History of Islamic Civilization (Compulsive) SsH45 5
Research Methodology in history (Compulsive) SsH46 3
Resources of Afghanistan  history (Compulsive) SsH54 3
Art history (Compulsive) SsH55 3
Principles of teaching in history (Compulsive) SsH65 3
Australia’s contemporary history (Compulsive) SsH71 2
Africa History (Compulsive) SsH74 2
Middle East History (Compulsive) SsH76 4
Far East History (Compulsive) SsH77 2
Latin American history (Compulsive) SsH78 2
Iran’s contemporary history (Compulsive) SsH82 3
Contemporary History of Russia (Compulsive) SsH83 2
India Hemisphere History (Compulsive) SsH84 2
Southeast Asia History (Compulsive) SsH86 2
History of the United States of America (Compulsive) SsH87 2
Total Semester                                                                                                                          84
No. Course Name Code Credits
1 Undergraduate Thesis SsH89 5
NO Category Credits
1 Core 5
2 Specialization 84
3 General 28
4 Thesis 5
Total                                                                                                                                                               122

Sociology & Philosophy

Basic Code Credit
Essential of Philosophy ( Compulsive) SsPhSo11 2
Essential of Sociology1 ( Compulsive) SsPhSo12 2
Essential of Archaeology (Compulsive) SsPhSo16 3
Traditional logic Compulsive) SsPhSo17 2
Essentials of History (Compulsive) SsPhSo18 2
Essential of Sociology2 ( Compulsive) SsPhSo21 2
Philosophy Concepts1 (Compulsive) SsPhSo25 2
General Psychology SsPhSo27 2
Philosophy Concepts 2 (Compulsive) SsPhSo32 2
Total Semester Credits                                                                                                            17
General Code Credit
Essentials of Thinking (Compulsive) SsPhSo13 2
Foreign Language (Compulsive) SsPhSo14 2
Islamic Culture SsPhSo15 16
Contemporary History of Afghanistan (Compulsive) SsPhSo22 2
Total Semester Credits                                                                                                             22
Specialized Code Credit
History of Sociology (Optional) SsPhSo26 3
Sociology of Art SsPhSo28 2
Traditional Philosophy of East )Compulsive) SsPhSo33 2
Development Sociology (Compulsive) SsPhSo35 2
Theory of Epistemology  (optional) SsPhSo36 2
Philosophy of Ethics (optional) SsPhSo37 2
Family Sociology (Compulsive) SsPhSo39 2
Philosophy of the Middle Ages (Compulsive) SsPhSo83 2
West Traditional Philosophy (Compulsive) SsPhSo43 2
Methodology (Optional ) SsPhSo44 2
Rural Sociology (Compulsive) SsPhSo45 3
Religion History (Optional) SsPhSo46 2
Islamic Scientists Sociological Theories (Compulsive) SsPhSo47 3
Islamic Civilization History (Optional) SsPhSo48 2
Religion Philosophy (Compulsive) SsPhSo52 2
Urban Sociology (Compulsive) SsPhSo53 2
Islamic Philosophy1 (Compulsive) SsPhSo52 2
New Age Philosophy1 (Compulsive) SsPhSo55 2
Political sociology (Compulsive) SsPhSo56 2
Islamic Mysticism (Optional) SsPhSo57 2
Islamic Philosophy2 (Compulsive) SsPhSo62 2
New Age Philosophy2 (Compulsive) SsPhSo63
The Essentials of Aesthetics (Optional) SsPhSo62 2
Industrial Sociology (Optional) SsPhSo62 2
Research methodology in Social Science (Compulsive) SsPhSo66 4
Management (Optional) SsPhSo67 2
Sociology of Social Changes (Compulsive) SsPhSo68 2
Sociology of Education (Compulsive) SsPhSo71 3
Alman Classic Philosophy (Compulsive) SsPhSo72 2
Seminars in Sociology (Compulsive) SsPhSo73 2
Philosophy of Aesthetics (Compulsive) SsPhSo74 2
Pedagogy (Optional) SsPhSo75 2
Theories of Sociology1 (Compulsive) SsPhSo76 3
Political Philosophy (Compulsive) SsPhSo78 2
Hermeneutics (Compulsive) SsPhSo82 3
West Contemporary Philosophy (Compulsive) SsPhSo83 2
Social Problems (Compulsive) SsPhSo84 2
Afghanistan Community Structure (Compulsive) SsPhSo85 2
Theories of Sociology2 (Compulsive) SsPhSo86 3
Seminar in Philosophy (Compulsive) SsPhSo87 2
Demography SsPhSo58 2
Total Semester Credits                                                                                                        89
NO Category Credits
1 Basic 17
2 Specialization 89
3 General 22
Total                                                                                                                                                               128